Download a program that enables you to set screen resolution, colour depth and refresh rate from shortcuts and scripts

Screen resolution, colour depth and refresh frequency can easily be changed in the Windows user interface. Sometimes, though, it is convenient to be able to do it from a script or a shortcut. SetRes makes this possible.

There are two versions. The most recent is version 3 and controls multiple displays. It is equally happy with most single-display systems.

Most users will find the multi-monitor version works fine.

SetRes Single Monitor is version 2 and, you guessed it, works only with a single monitor. It is the original program I wrote many years ago and has been downloaded a massive number of times. There are no known issues.

However, under some circumstances the older SetRes is the preferred option. One example is when used in conjunction with Bart PE where problems have been reported with Multi Monitor.

For that reason, it continues to be listed as a current version even though it is actually superseded.

Instructions are included in each package but the screen grab below gives an idea of how screen parameters are passed to the program.

Image illustrating SetRes command line parameters


Version 3.0, November 2009

Compatibility Win 98, Me, 2K, XP, Vista. Win7 unknown. May not work with Bart PE

Description / note Ground-up rewrite with multiple display support.

Version 2.3, April 2010

Compatibility Win 98, Me, 2K, XP, Vista. Win7 unknown

Description / note Much older than the date suggests. Just tidied up for GPL release.

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